Essential Service Housing

Our focus is to provide affordable housing to essential services workers.  

  • Our 40 family pilot program is currently underdevelopment.  Our selection criteria rates projects based on quality, affordability, and proximity to service areas. 
    • Allocate a portion of dedicated affordable units to essential services workers
    • Emergency services
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Medicine
    • Education  
  • Community resilience
    • Emergency generators / on site cogeneration capacity
    • Storm water management
    • Flex space for emergency housing (ie convertible common rooms with kitchens and shower facilities)
    • Excess emergency power distribution capacity
    • Flex parking for emergency service vehicles
    • Capacity to address displaced residents & travels in the event of weather and transit emergencies
    • Community Education
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Emergency Generators \ Onsite Cogeneration Capacity

Emergency Generators \ Onsite Cogeneration Capacity