Emergency Food Pantry

Our emergency food pantry supports non-profits, religious organizations, and community groups who’s mission is to directly provide emergency food to families impacted hardship, dislocation, fires, or natural disasters.  

We accept bulk food donations of non-perishable food items.  To arrange for a drop off please contact Chris Gratto.

Items of current need include:

  • Baby formula.  

  • Canned tuna, chicken or salmon.

  • Peanut butter.

  • Meals in a can (soup, stew, chili).

  • Low-sodium canned vegetables.

  • Canned fruit in its own juice or water.

  • Olive or canola oil.

  • Canned foods with pop-top lids.

  • Low sugar breakfast cereal.

  • Shelf stable milk.

  • We are primarily supplied by donations in kind from local businesses and community organizations.  If you wish to make a make a financial contribution please contact a local food pantry directly.


Emergency Food Pantry | Training Center

2815 Kennedy Boulevard, 3rd Floor

Jersey City, New Jersey 07306